Features & Enhancements in PowerShift 4.20

Features, enhancements and modifications made to PowerShift since Release 4.10.028 are described below. The names of new programs are preceded by * (asterisk).

The parenthetical code that follows each description is a tracking code: PDEVnnnn is the notation for 4.20; P410nnnn indicates the change was also available as an update to PowerShift 4.10.028.

The tracking code is followed by the 4.20 update (e.g., 4.20.018) in which the change became available.

See Update 4.20.019 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.018 and included in 4.20.109.

See Update 4.20.020 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.019 and included in 4.20.020.

See Update 4.20.021 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.020 and included in 4.20.021.

See Update 4.20.022 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.021 and included in 4.20.022.

See Update 4.20.023 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.022 and included in 4.20.023.

See Update 4.20.024 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.023 and included in 4.20.024.

See Update 4.20.025 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.024 and included in 4.20.025.

See Update 4.20.026 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.025 and included in 4.20.026.

See Update 4.20.027 & .028 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.026 and included in 4.20.028.

See Update 4.20.029 & .030 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.028 and included in 4.20.030.

See Update 4.20.031 for changes made after PowerShift 4.20.030 and included in 4.20.031.


(PDEV6781) 4.20.016

(PDEV5384) 4.20.016


(PDEV5291) 4.20.016

Document Management



#FILES: Data Dictionary

Audit Trails

Accounts Payable

CHR: Credit Hold Release

CCR: Customer Credit Report

* CCRX: Credit Card Purge

CLP: Customer Contact Label Print

CM: Customer Maintenance

CSI: Customer Service Inquiry

CSM: Customer Ship-to Maintenance

CSQ: Customer Ship-to Inquiry

EIS: Executive Information Summary

EMX: EIS Calculation

ENQ: EIS Vendor AP Balances

* FPR: Asset Projected Depreciation

GHL: Comparative Analysis Listing

* GLTX: GL Transaction Purge

GHH: Financial Reports Header Maintenance

GP: Financial Reports Print

GTB: GL Trial Balance

HCE: Physical Count Entry

* HCQ: Physical Inventory Inquiry

IM: Enterprise Item Maintenance

IMHQ: Enterprise Item Maintenance

INR: Negative Inventory Report

IQ: Enterprise Item Inquiry

* IPVQ: Projected Inventory Inquiry

IRC: Receiver Maintenance

* IRCM: Receiver Notes Maintenance

IRI: Receiving and Inspection

(PDEV7874) 4.20.018

ISM: Item Substitution Maintenance

ISMR: Inventory Safety Margin Report

ISR: Inventory Sales Report

IVLR: Inventory Valuation by Location

JOBS: PowerShift Job Scheduler

* LAHR: Employee Labor Accumulated Hours Report

LBP: Employee Badge Print

LPR: Labor Entry Register

LRTE: Barcode Labor Entry

LSL: Employee Listing

MBM: Configured Product Maintenance

MCP: Capacity Requirements Planning

MCR: Standard Cost Rollup

* MCRPS: Cost Rollup for Pseudo Items

MFP: Finished Goods  Planning

MIC: Multi-Level Cost Report

MIM: Manufacturing Order Maintenance

MJR: Manufacturing Order Status Summary

MJS: Manufacturing Order Cost Report

MLT: Accumulated Lead Time Calculation

* MOCDR: Manufacturing Order Component Demand Report

MOOL: Open Manufacturing Order Listing

MOOQ: Open Manufacturing Order Inquiry

* MOQ: Planned Order Inquiry

MOSL: Component Shortage Report

MPD: Priority Dispatch Report

MPR: Order Release Preparation

MPRL: Order Release Selection Report

MPS: Bill of Material Maintenance

* MPSQ: Bill of Material Inquiry

MRB: Rejected Material Disposition

* MRBDL: MRB Disposition Listing

MRBL: Rejected Material Listing

MRBLC: Rejected Material Cost Listing

MRP: Material Requirements Planning

MRR: Order Release

MSP: Shop Paper Print

MSPK: Consolidated Picking List Print

MUA: Material Usage Maintenance

MUQ: Material Usage Inquiry

MXR: Manufacturing Expedite Report

N99P: 1099 Print

NBC: Bank Reconciliation

NC: Vendor Invoice Payments

(PDEV5385) 4.20.016

NCP: Check Print

NE: AP Invoice Entry

NI: AP Inquiry

NMO: On-Account Payments Application

NRA: AP Distribution Report

OC: Shipping Confirmation

* OCCQ: Credit Card Order Inquiry

OE: Order Entry

* OFP: Order Freight Pickup

OHR: Order Hold Release

OIQ: Sales Order Line Inquiry

OL: Sales Order Listing

OPAK: Packing Slip Print

OPK: Picking List Print

OPS: Acknowledgment Print

OSIQ: Shipment Lines Inquiry

OSS: Order Shipment Selection

* OSSR: Sales Scheduling Report

* QBCI: Sales Quotes By Customer By Item

QOE: EDI/Sales Quote Maintenance

* QP: Sales Quote Summary

QPS: Quote Acknowledgment Print

* QRTM: Sales Quote Routing Maintenance

* QRTQ: Sales Quote Routing Inquiry

* PAYMON: Positive Pay/ACH Status Inquiry

* PCCM: Contract Maintenance by Customer

* PCCQ: Contract Inquiry by Customer

PCM: Price-Contract Maintenance

PDX: Document History Purge

PHM: Price-Contract Maintenance

RBIC: Repetitive Billing Report

RCE: Cash Receipts Entry

RFMENU: RF Programs

RHQ: AR Invoice History Inquiry

RM: AR Invoice Maintenance

RMA: RMA Maintenance

RP: Invoice Print

RPMQ: AR Payment Method Inquiry

RQ: AR Invoice Inquiry

RTSP: Print Vendor Shipment

SCOG: Cost of Goods Sold Report

SCI: Sales by Customer by Item Inquiry

SCI: Sales by Customer by Item Inquiry

SL: Sales Rep Listing

SNQ: Control Number Inquiry

* SRTM: Sales Routing Maintenance

* SRTQ: Sales Routing Inquiry

TCC: Country Codes Maintenance

TAPMB: Payment Method Batch Maintenance

* TCMM: Change a Tax Code

TCU: Currency Codes Maintenance

 TEDIPM: EDI Trading Partner Maintenance

TIP: Import Sales Tax Tables

TJT: Employee Job Title Maintenance

TRST: Document Message Maintenance

TRTCM: Receipt Tolerance Codes Maintenance

TSM: State Descriptions Maintenance

TSV: Ship Via Codes Maintenance

UIL: User ID Listing

UPQ: Program Access Inquiry

* VGMMIL: Compliant Items - Multiple Manufacturers

VII: POs by Vendor by Item Inquiry

VIQ: Inspection Status Inquiry

VLP: Vendor Contact Label Print

VM: Vendor Maintenance

VMM: Vendor Price Maintenance

VMQ: Vendor Price Inquiry

VOE: PO Maintenance

VOI: PO Inquiry

VOP: PO Print

VOQ: PO Detail Inquiry

VPI: Parts on Order Inquiry

VPL: Parts on Order Listing

* VPLCR: Landed Cost Accrual Report

VQ: Vendor Inquiry

* VRQI: PO Import

* VRQM: Maintain Imported POs

* VSC: Vendor Shipment Confirmation

* VSCM: Vendor Shipment Maintenance

VUV: Unvouchered Receipts Listing

* WIPCLR: WIP Reconcilation

WIPM: WIP Movement

WIPR: WIP Register

WOS: Release Outside Services

XCMT: Note Transfer Parameters

XDM: Output Device Maintenance

XM: System Options Maintenance

* XMAJOB: Mobile App Maintenance