The PowerShift 4.20.029 & .030 Updates

Incremental changes from the initial release of 4.20.028* through the initial release of 4.20.030 are outlined below.

* Some of the changes listed were released as updates to earlier versions

See Features & Enhancements in PowerShift 4.20 for more about PowerShift 4.20.

The names of new programs are preceded by * (asterisk); the parenthetical code that follows each description is a tracking code: PDEVnnnn is the notation for 4.20.


Document Management

DOCI: Document Inquiry

DOCM: Document History Maintenance

IORQ: Order-Receiver Inquiry

MCD: Bill of Material Mass Change/Delete

NDQ: AP-Purchasing Inquiry

NLHR: Landed Cost History Report

OIQ: Sales Order Line Inquiry

RT: AR Aged Trial Balance Report

SCQI: Sales Commissions Summary

TDOC: Document Output Parameters Maintenance

XM: System Options Maintenance