New System Options

System options added or changed since PowerShift since Release 4.10.028 are described below.

The parenthetical code that follows each description is a tracking code: PDEVnnnn is the notation for 4.20; P410nnnn indicates the change was also available as an update to PowerShift 4.10.028. The tracking code is followed by the 4.20 update in which the change became available.

Accounts Payable Options

Accounts Receivable Options

Credit Card Options

Document Import/Archive Options

Drop File Interface Options: BOM, EDI 820, EDI 850, Manifest, Project & XML

E-Business Options

Enterprise Options

GL Journal Options

Help and Other Path Options:

Labor Options

Inventory Control Options

Manufacturing Options

Manufacturing Execution System Options

Order Processing Options

PO Interface Options

Purchasing Options

RF Program Options

RMA Options