The PowerShift 4.20.020 Update

Incremental changes from the initial release of 4.20.019* through the initial release of 4.20.020 are outlined below.

* Some of the changes listed were released as updates to 4.20.019 systems.

See Features & Enhancements in PowerShift 4.20 for more about PowerShift 4.20.

The names of new programs are preceded by * (asterisk); the parenthetical code that follows each description is a tracking code: PDEVnnnn is the notation for 4.20; P410nnnn indicates the change was also available as an update to PowerShift 4.10.028.

Document Management


DOCI: Document Inquiry

GMM: GL Account Maintenance

ICM/ICQ: Item Cost Maintenance/Inquiry

IHUR: Inventory Sales/Usage Report

IM/IQ: Enterprise Item Maintenance/Inquiry

IMB/IMBQ: Branch Item Maintenance/Inquiry

IRI: Receiving and Inspection

IRL: Requisition Listing

IRR: Receiving Reversal

ISDQ: Component Supply-Demand Inquiry

ISQ: Inventory Status Inquiry

MOS: Component Availability Inquiry

MPM/MRD: Planning Profile Maintenance/Inquiry

MRB/MRBQ: Rejected Material Disposition/Inquiry

MSP: Shop Paper Print

MUA/MUQ: Material Usage Maintenance/Inquiry

N99P: 1099 Print

NC: Vendor Payments

NCP: Payment Printing

OE: Sales Order Entry

OL: Sales Order Listing

OPAK: Packing Slip Print

OPK: Picking List Print

ORL: Credit/Order Hold Report

PCM: Price-Contract Maintenance

RB: AR Adjustments Entry

* RBHI: Repetitive Billing History Inquiry

RBHL: Repetitive Billing History Listing

RBM: Repetitive Billing Maintenance

RDR: Customer Deposit Activity Report

RP: Invoice Print

RTXI: Sales Tax Detail Report

SZKM: Sales History Key Definition

TIDM: Imported Document Types

TIP: Import Sales Tax Tables

TUM: Unit of Measure Codes Maintenance

VMM/VMQ: Vendor Price Maintenance/Inquiry

VM: Vendor Maintenance

VOE/VOQ: PO Entry/Maintenance

VOI: PO Inquiry

VOP: PO Print

VPR: Purchase Order Report

VRM: Alternate Remit-to Maintenance

VRP: Receiver Print

VRR: Receiving Report

VSC: System Options Maintenance

XM: System Options Maintenance