The PowerShift 4.20.025 Update

Incremental changes from the initial release of 4.20.024* through the initial release of 4.20.025 are outlined below.

* Some of the changes listed were released as updates to earlier versions

See Features & Enhancements in PowerShift 4.20 for more about PowerShift 4.20.

The names of new programs are preceded by * (asterisk); the parenthetical code that follows each description is a tracking code: PDEVnnnn is the notation for 4.20; P410nnnn indicates the change was also available as an update to PowerShift 4.10.028.

General: Archive & Purge Programs

* APPAQ: AP Invoice Approval Inquiry

* APPNQ: AP Invoice Approval Summary

GII: GL Auto Journal Import

IMPORT: Import Data from XML File

* IPSR: Projected Shortage Report

MAPIT: Import Data

MCOI: Supply Order Drill

MJI: Manufacturing Order Cost Inquiry


* OLDR: Order Line Detail Report

RP: Invoice Print

SHUTDOWN: PowerShift System Shutdown

* VCLO: PO Line Close

XM: System Options Maintenance

XPC: Posting Criteria Maintenance