The PowerShift 4.20.027 & .028 Updates

Incremental changes from the initial release of 4.20.026* through the initial release of 4.20.028 are outlined below.

* Some of the changes listed were released as updates to earlier versions

See Features & Enhancements in PowerShift 4.20 for more about PowerShift 4.20.

The names of new programs are preceded by * (asterisk); the parenthetical code that follows each description is a tracking code: PDEVnnnn is the notation for 4.20.

Manufacturing Execution System Interface


* AUDMFG: Manufacturing Order Change Report

* AUDMOP: Planned Order Change Report

* AUDPO: Purchase Order Change Report

* AUDSO: Sales Order Change Report

BCI: Commercial Invoice Print

BWXML: XML Drop File Interface

CL: Customer Listing

CM/CQ: Customer Maintenance/Inquiry

GMM: GL Account Maintenance

HCU: Physical Inventory Update

IMI: Material Issues and Adjustments

IMIQ: Material Issues and Adjustments Inquiry

* IMRBX: Inventory-to-MRB Transaction Archive

IRC: Receiver Maintenance

IRCQ: Receiver Inquiry

IRSQ: Requisition Inquiry

IDHQ: Item Document History Inquiry

IVLR: Inventory Valuation by Location

* JOBSQ: Job Schedule Inquiry

MSS: Manufacturing Order Picking Selection

* MCSP: Manufacturing Order Component Selection

MJI: Manufacturing Order Cost Inquiry

* MKS: Kit Component Availability Inquiry

MOQC/MOQCM: QC Failure & Repair

MPL: Multi-Level BOM Listing

MQCDR: QC Detail Report

N99R: 1099 Detail Report

NPC: AP Paid Status Maintenance

NPX: AP Paid Status Close

* NPXO: AP Paid Status Open

OE: Sales Order Maintenance

OPAK: Packing Slip Print

* OSSAR: On-Time Shipment Value Report

* PCCR: Contract Status Report

PCM:  Price-Contract Maintenance

PDX:  Document History Purge

PLU:  Price Lookup

RFIRCPO: RF Receiving

* SCLO: PO Line Close

TBM: Branch Maintenance

TFP: Freight Codes

TISM: Item Status Codes

VGMI/VGMIQ: Item/Manufacturer Item Maintenance/Inquiry

VM/VQ: Vendor Maintenance/Inquiry

VMM/VMQ: Vendor Price Maintenance/Inquiry

VOP: PO Print

VPL: Parts On Order Listing

VPQ: PO Print

VRR: Receiving Report

VUV: Unvouchered Receipts Listing

WOS: Release Outside Services

XCMT: Note Transfer Parameters

XFLDS: Security Profile Maintenance

XM: System Options Maintenance


XMAJOB: Mobile App Maintenance