Note-Ability: More than Comments

Whether you call them "notes" or "comments", there's no argument that the ability to communicate additional information about items, orders, customers, and so forth, is invaluable.

Going beyond supporting comments in a handful of master files, PowerShift's note-ability is comprehensive and feature-rich. Not only can you add notes to most transactions, you can include notes on documents, merge generic notes wherever needed, copy notes to-and-from the Windows clipboard, and automatically transfer notes from one application to another.

PowerShift 4.20 expands note functions further with an optional pop-up display of notes in manufacturing and sales order entry (i.e., MIM, QOE, OE, RMA). More on that here!

You'll find the Notes button — with a green check mark if notes exist — in just about all PowerShift maintenance programs and detail inquiries. If you need to access notes and don't see a Notes button, please let us know! We're always looking to improve PowerShift to meet your needs.