Establish Security Profiles to Secure Data & Lock Printing Options

PowerShift 4.10 simplifies managing program restrictions (see Multiple Security Categories) and the introduction of security profiles gives you the ability to secure data within programs.

Field Level Security

In secured programs, you can set up profiles to allow or disallow the addition or deletion of records, and within the programs, you can restrict the ability to change -– or even hide -- data on a field-by-field basis. Some examples:

An added bonus is that you can make optional PowerShift fields required. Simply indicate that Cust service rep in Customer Maintenance (CM) is required, for example, and you ensure that customers are assigned a CSR when a record is added or maintained.

Field security is available in the following maintenance programs; corresponding inquiries allow you to hide fields only:

Secured Document Printing Options

Established via a profile like field security, PowerShift 4.10 enables you to secure printing options to ensure consistent output of your documents, regardless of the user who generates them. You can ensure that pick lists include barcodes, that certificate of compliance information is printed on receivers, or that bill of material notes appear on shop paper.

Options can be secured (or “locked” if you prefer) in all the document print programs, including:

We’re happy to help you set up field-level and document options security – and we’re anxious to hear what you think of these features. Maybe there are other applications you’d like to see similar functionality? Contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6999 and let us know!