Make a Note of This

We made some nice improvements to the notes editor in PowerShift 4.10 — improvements we think are going to save you time.

Not only can you import text (i.e., copy from the Windows clipboard), you can now export notes to the clipboard as well – a big help when you want to include some note lines from the inventory file when emailing a customer or vendor about an order, for example. And all those delivery instructions you get from on customer POs? You can paste them directly into a sales order with the clipboard import function.

Another great feature is the scrollable window so you can view (and review) all note lines simply by moving the scroll bar up and down — saves a bunch of clicking when you've got multiple screens of notes!

Maintenance is improved, too, enabling you to add, change or delete notes more efficiently than ever before. Just highlight a line, and click Add, Change or Delete to add, change or delete any number of lines.

You'll find the Notes button — with a green check mark if notes exist — in just about all PowerShift maintenance programs and in many inquiries. Notes are widely used for communicating additional information about customers, vendors, orders, items, etc.