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Example: Q-Info in ISQ

Create a message in Document Message Maintenance (TRST) to specify text, placement, and information you want displayed. The information available for Q-Info to display is detailed here.

To create a default Q-Info window, create a message code ISQ-*(asterisk). The specified information will be displayed for all items. You can also create product class-specific Q-Info by assigning the message code ISQ- followed by a product class. Whenever an item with the associated product class is called up in ISQ, the appropriate Q-Info window is displayed.

Suppose you want to display additional descriptive information as well as export, warranty, and return details for items with product class FP.

Create message code ISQ-FP in Document Message Maintenance (TRST) as follows:

TRST scree

When a product class FP item is displayed, the Q-Info window appears below standard fields:

ISQ screen