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    Use a Null Printer for Unwanted Print Jobs

    Some applications produce unwanted reports. An example might be the case in which you don’t need standard document output, but do want a label interface application executed. Maybe you’re using a spooler that you periodically erase for such output, but even that consumes disk and requires intervention. Why not use a null printer instead?

    Here’s a quick overview of how to set up it up:

    • In Windows, add a local printer using the nul: local port. You can select any printer driver and name the printer however you wish. If you do a test print, you’ll find that the output disappears!
    • Configure the local printer in the QICWARE configuration file.
    • Set up Print Connector to output to the device.
    • In PowerShift, add the new printer in Output Device Maintenance (XDM).

    Anything you print to the new device from PowerShift goes to the bit bucket! If you have questions about how to set up a null printer or to find out if using a null printer might be beneficial in your operation, contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6997.