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Q-Info Lets You Design Displays

Q-Info, introduced in PowerShift 4.00, lets you display additional information in some of the most widely used programs: Inventory Status Inquiry (ISQ) and Sales Order Maintenance (OE). Here’s how:

Create a message in Document Message Maintenance (TRST) to specify text, placement, and information you want displayed. The message code you assign is the program name plus a hyphen followed by * (the default) or a product class. In this example message ISQ-FP is defined;  the message will be displayed in ISQ for items assigned to the FP product class.


Run ISQ for an item with product class FP; the Q-Info window is displayed below regular fields:

The scroll bar on the right side of the Q-Info window indicates that there is additional information to see.

 In TRST we created message OE-FP:


 When a sales order line for a product class FP item is entered, the Q-Info window is displayed:


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