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Manifest Interface Imports Freight Data from Carrier 

Many Qantel customers use third-party software applications such as UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager to support their shipping processes.  We’re excited to announce that PowerShift 3.03 offers a manifest interface that takes information from freight carriers – tracking numbers, freight dollars per package shipped, weights of packages shipped, package sizes, etc. – and updates it into PowerShift data files.

PowerShift’s manifest interface saves time, saves money and enables you to provide better shipment information to your customers:

  • No more data entry of tracking numbers and freight costs.  Because the information comes directly from the carrier’s export file, keying errors are eliminated.

  • The invoicing of freight charges can be automated; that means more accuracy.

  • Tracking of freight can be handled directly from PowerShift applications with a click of a button.

  • Fewer calls from customers to request information on shipments since you provide shipment information on the emailed invoice -- just ask your customer service personnel how many calls they get about shipments already made!

PowerShift provides a mapping tool to migrate the third-party data into a common format to update PowerShift data elements.  The export file is typically in a comma-delimited format, so you just map each delimited field to its PowerShift counterpart.  Then, set up the export as part of the end of day procedure for the third-party application.  The export file is imported to PowerShift after shipments have been confirmed, but before customer invoices have been generated. 

Data is updated to the shipment on a package-by-package basis with the sum of the freight being invoiced when appropriate.  Freight costs are assigned to invoices based on the freight payment terms and the ship via freight calculation rules.  Carrier discounts are supported; just export both the list price to bill the customer and the actual cost you will be charged.  You can add a flat amount per package or up-charge actual costs before adding the freight amount to the invoice.  

Freight tracking numbers are added to shipments during the update.  The SCAC Codes Maintenance (TSCAC) program allows you to associate a URL with a carrier.   A click of the “Track” button in PowerShift programs whisks you to the carrier’s web page so you can see up-to-date shipment information directly from the carrier.  Include the same URL information when you email the packing list or invoice.  When the customer gets the email, they can simply click on the link to see the status of their shipment.  No more “Has it shipped yet?” and “What’s the tracking number?” calls!

PowerShift is all-inclusive; you get the manifest interface – and lots of other exciting features and enhancements.  No additional modules or software is required. 

Contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6997 with your questions or to schedule a webinar about the manifest interface or other PowerShift feature.


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