New Apps! New Features! New Options!

Happy Fall! It's the perfect time to highlight some of the added features and processing improvements made in the latest PowerShift update*.

* What's New in PowerShift 4.20 lists all enhancements since PowerShift 4.10

The 4.20.025 update introduces these new apps:

  • Repetitive Billing History Inquiry (RBHI) displays a customer's repetitive billing records.
  • XML Exports (VGMXML & VGMIXML) for the Manufacturer IDs (V4) and Compliant Items (V41) files.

And offers options to:

  • Remove unapplied deposits from orders that are closed when the AR Invoice Register (RR) is updated.
  • Allow PO lines to be manually closed in Receiver Maintenance (IRC).
  • Create a separate receiver for each PO line received.
  • Require accounts payable invoices to be approved before they can be paid.

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