More Info, Fewer Clicks: Introducing PowerShift 4.20

PowerShift 4.20 has arrived and it’s filled with features and enhancements! This article highlights two user interface improvements that are getting lots of good feedback -- we think you'll like them, too!

Drag & Drop File Importing

Document import, introduced in the last PowerShift release, is expanded to more applications -- and the new drag and drop interface is a game changer! The feature copies external files (e.g., drawings, orders, email, etc.) into PowerShift so you can view them in maintenance and inquiry programs.

Some examples of how you might use the doc import feature:

  • Drag and drop a customer's emailed order from Outlook when you're entering it in Sales Order Maintenance (OE). When you (or anybody!) subsequently display the order, you can view the email message and its attachments (e.g., the customer's PO, additional instructions, etc.).
  • If an item doesn't pass inspection, document the failure by importing pictures or test results when you reject it in the Receiving and Inspection (IRI) program.
  • When you're entering invoices in Vendor Invoice Entry (NE), import the invoice you received from the vendor to eliminate having to file it separately.
  • In Customer Maintenance (CM) and Vendor Maintenance (VM), import purchase agreements and contracts so they're immediately accessible.
  • In Receiver Maintenance (IRC), import the packing list that came with the shipment for future reference.

Streamlined "Sel" Screens

Screens where you select items from a list are easier to use and provide more information. Instead of clicking the long bar to access drills and maintenance functions, all program buttons are on the initial screen.

The 4.20 versions of these "check-the-box" selection screens (like the one pictured above) offer the column niceties that you appreciate throughout PowerShift: you can re-size and drag and drop columns to customize your view and you can change the sort order on-the-fly. The vertical scroll bar provides immediate access to all records; the horizontal scroll bar enables you to see more info about the records displayed.

Much is new and improved in the latest PowerShift release! We'll be highlighting many enhancements in future articles. Can't wait? Have a look at What's New in PowerShift 4.20 for a preview.