History Speaks Volumes

There’s a ton of business-critical data in the PowerShift history files -- data you can use to answer questions like:

  • Are we on track to hit sales targets?
  • Are we meeting inventory reduction goals?
  • What customers order which products?
  • How much did it cost to build that product? And how does that compare to previous months?

Item History Inquiry (IMHQ) gives you a glimpse of what’s stored for each item, displaying usage, sales, cost (and more!) by period and year.

The customer history files store sales and payments by customer by period. Customer Sales History Inquiry (CSHQ) shows you sales, bookings, cancellations and returns (in dollars) while Customer Invoice History (CIHQ) displays dollars invoiced, payments/credits, adjustments and finance charges due and paid by period.

PowerShift reports and inquiries (and their countless options!) present data from these files; custom reports can use this historical data to provide additional insight. Contact helpdesk to find out how the information you need could be mined from the PowerShift database using Report Generator or an ODBC-enabled application.