Use. Date. Shortcuts.

Date shortcuts tell PowerShift to calculate dates dynamically based on the current date. Wherever you're prompted for a date, you can use a date shortcut instead. Not only are date shortcuts a big timesaver, using them can mean more accurate information.

There are date shortcuts for days, months, quarters, years, and financial periods; they can be based on calendar dates or your shop calendar or fiscal calendar. You can add a -n or +n prefix to a date shortcut to specify a past or future date. For example, -3M subtracts 3 months from today's date; +3M adds 3 months to today's date.

Some examples:

Saving a PowerShift report or inquiry with date shortcuts means you might not ever have to enter a date for that program again!

This article lists all date shortcuts; entering ?DATE at any PowerShift menu displays similar info and other date entry options.


Hint! When you use date shortcuts in report and inquiry selections, click Refresh to see the dates that will be used.