Use the Clipboard to Re-Number Notes

If you need to renumber note sequences, you can get the job done in a hurry using the Clipboard feature!

Notes Button Bar

Simply export the notes to the Windows clipboard, delete them, and then import them. Detailed instructions follow.


Export Text to the Windows Clipboard

  1. The program prompts Starting sequence and Ending sequence. To renumber all the notes, enter 1 as the starting sequence and 9999 as the ending sequence.

  2. Click OK to copy notes text to the Windows clipboard. You can you "paste" the notes into a blank email or text document to review them, if desired.


Delete Notes

  1. The program prompts for "from" and "to" sequence numbers. Assuming you exported all notes, enter 1 in the "from" field and 9999 in the "to" field.

  2. When you press Enter, all note lines are deleted.


Import Text from the Windows Clipboard into Notes

  1. The program prompts Starting sequence, Sequence increment and Type of note.

  2. Accept the displayed starting sequence and increment (10 is the default) or enter different ones.

  3. Accept the displayed note type (P is the default) or select a different note type to be assigned to imported note lines.

  4. Click OK. Text from the Windows clipboard is copied into Notes.