Access Engineering Drawings & Product Specs from PowerShift

If you need drawings, specifications or other documentation readily available – for display, printing or sending with orders – PowerShift's related documents feature is for you!

Some examples:

To get started, you need tell PowerShift about the drawings, MSDSs, or other documents you want to be available. In Item Document Master Maintenance (IMDOC) you assign a document number, specify path, file name, extension (PDF is typically used), and other optional information. The print code determines if the related document is output by print programs; effectivity dates provide further control of which documents included and when.

You can automate the process with Export to XML: Item Documents (IMDCXML) and IMPORT, the XML data import program. Think about engineering drawings. It's probably pretty easy to get a list of the drawings on your system -- including the full path and file name. Just copy the information into the XML map and IMPORT makes quick work of making the documents available to PowerShift.

Once PowerShift knows about the documents, you need to "connect" them to item numbers. Each can be related to any number of items -– specified by item number or selected by product class, subclass, shipping category or other criteria. If you use tabulated drawings and a single drawing relates to multiple items, you can set the relationships as needed. The Add range button in Item Document Master Maintenance (IMDOC) makes quick work of this!

Finally, in Document Output Parameters Maintenance (TDOC), set the Item document print code field for to the Print code you set for the related document for each recipient copy you want to get the related document(s) as well. When PowerShift documents are output, related documents are included – at the same time and in the same manner.

Contact the PowerShift Support Team (call 630.300.6999 or email Qantel Helpdesk) to learn more!