PowerShift 4.10 Expands Doc Management to Eliminate Paperwork

Huge amounts of resources are expended printing, copying, filing (and misfiling!) and running between departments looking for documents. The customer PO is a great example. Whether it's faxed or emailed, you probably take time to print and file it, maybe making copies and delivering them to other departments. After all, if questions arise at any point, somebody may need to refer back to that original PO.

PowerShift's document import feature eliminates printing, copying, filing and running-around time by enabling you to attach an electronic copy of the customer's PO to the sales order entered in Sales Order Maintenance (OE) -- ether when you're entering the order or at a later time.

In Sales Order Maintenance (OE), click the Documents button in and then click Import. PowerShift prompts for a document reference – a name you assign (in TIDM, Imported Document Types) that describes what kind of document it is.

Customer Purchase Order seems an appropriate name, given the document being imported. When you click Import, the Document Import dialog is launched, enabling you to browse your PC for the customer PO. (Note: If you received the order on paper, you will need to scan and save it so you have an electronic copy on your desktop system.)

Once you’ve selected the file, click Upload File(s). You’ll see a message when the upload completes, enabling the customer PO to be viewed from the various sales & shipping screens. In Sales Order Line Inquiry (OIQ), for example, you can inquire on the sales order, click Documents and then View. The screen below shows the imported document selected and lists several archived documents for the order:  

Double-click the line and VIOLA! The customer's PO:

We’d love to show you how you can use PowerShift's document management features to process, manage, share and access documents faster and less expensively. Contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6997 to arrange a demo.