Announcing a New PowerShift Release!!!

PowerShift 4.10 is here! And it’s filled with features and changes we’ve made based on YOUR feedback – features that can improve your bottom line!
The related documents feature enables you to view and print engineering drawings, material data safety sheets and other external documents from any PowerShift work station. Examples:
  • Include an item’s drawing when you order it from a vendor
  • Attach an MSDS (material safety data sheet) when you ship a product
  • Print line drawings, work instructions and quality specifications with manufacturing shop paper
Document archiving lets you to retain historical PDF copies of all documents produced – copies that you can highlight and annotate if required.

Document import takes you toward a paperless office by enabling you to attach received external documents to orders and invoices. Examples:
  • Attach an emailed customer purchase order in Sales Order Entry (OE)
  • Scan a hard copy of a vendor invoice and attach it AP Invoice Entry (NE)
Once attached, imported documents can be viewed by maintenance and inquiry programs.
Security enhancements enable you to:
  • Restrict the fields that users can change (or even view) in many maintenance (and inquiry) programs.
  • Control who can add or delete records.
  • Make an optional PowerShift field entry mandatory.
  • Limit users' ability to change document print options to ensure more consistent document generation.
  • Use multiple security categories to simplify assigning program access restrictions
Approvals improvements include support of custom approval criteria and a smart phone app that alerts you of pending approvals and enables you to approve or deny them.

The shelf life feature provides control of date-sensitive inventory.

A new manufacturing option automates the release of POs for outside service operations and facilitates tracking goods sent to vendors.

The improved user interface provides more efficient navigation within and between programs, with commonly used buttons anchored in the same place throughout PowerShift applications.

That’s just a few highlights – PowerShift 4.10 offers many more of the features and program-specific improvements that you’ve requested.

See all the details here!

When you upgrade to 4.10, we’ll migrate your current data and provide an upgraded “play” system as part of the process. And we’ll develop a training program so you can start taking advantage of new features ASAP. Contact to schedule your upgrade!

If you want PowerShift to do something that it doesn’t do today, tell us!
Even as we’re announcing 4.10, we’re busy working on the next release!  Our goal is to provide you with a complete solution, keeping upgrades simple and straightforward. We incorporate the features you need, rather than “bolt on” third party applications like other ERP providers.