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Example: Shipment Tracking

You can use the OPAK-specific [TRACK] and [URL] message codes to include shipment tracking information in emails sent with sales order packing slips.

To illustrate, we created a message code PACK in TRST:

TRST screen

In Ship-To Codes Maintenance (TSV), we created carrier code UPS and clicked the URL button to enter the UPS-provided tracking URL:

TSCAC screen

In Document Output Parameters Maintenance (TDOC) we specified <PACK> (the TRST message code we set up above) in the email text field for the Sales Order Packing Slip document. Enclose the TRST message code in < and >; whatever is entered outside the greater than and less than signs is the actual text that appears in the email body:

TDOC screen

When the OPAK print queue is processed, resultant emailed messages look something like this:

Sample email