• Qantel Product Resources

    On-Going Training Yields On-Going Success

    The most successful companies are those that invest in on-going training. Training is a key to productivity and plays an important role in employee satisfaction. Despite the undisputed value of continued training, too often it is considered “done” after system implementation. Instead, training and education is on-going process and business necessity.

    Continued training is essential due to personnel turnover, changing business practices, and technological improvements. Training enables companies to realize the greatest benefit from new features and enhancements in the shortest amount of time.

    Since our professional consultants are familiar with your company, we can tailor training to meet your business objectives. We can provide high-level feature overviews as well as in-depth sessions to address a particular bottleneck or improve a specific process.

    Beyond Qantel products training, we also a full range system installation, integration, and administration services, including Linux/Unix setup and configuration, virtual server and network configuration, web server setup and certificate management, and MS Exchange and MS Lync setup and configuration.

    Contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6997 to learn more about customized training and other professional services that we offer.