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    Forget Those Post-Its -- Schedule Tasks to Run Automatically

    Eliminate those post-it notes stuck on your computer screen with reminders of programs you need to run on a certain day or at a certain time. Let the PowerShift Job Scheduler (JOBS) handle it for you!

    Many processes can be scheduled to run automatically, including:

    • Registers Registers that are not set up to update general ledger when transactions are entered are great candidates for scheduling. In -- inventory to GL registers (like IMI adjustments and receiving registers)

    • Print Queues You may want to to run your invoices to a print queue instead of directly to a printer or fax/email device. Print queues allow you to additional sorts on the copies and enable you to group emails/faxes to a given address. Use the job scheduler to process the invoice print queue after the close of business: printer & fax devices are more likely to be available during off hours and invoices are "in hand" at the start of the next day.

    • GL Journals Use JOBS to schedule the processing of GL allocation and recurring journals on a monthly (or other periodic) basis.

    • AP Invoices Schedule fixed expense processing to automatically create invoices each month (or any required interval) -- ou no longer have to remember to run the Fixed Expense Processing (NFP) program.

    • Past Due Notices Notices of past due invoices can be automatically sent out to customers on a regular basis.

    • PowerShift Reports All PowerShift reports can be saved with different sets of options -- and you can schedule reports with selected options on a regular basis. For example, you could print the AR Aged Trial Balance (RT) at the end of each week, with a summary by customer name and backward aging, and email it to a group every Friday.

    • Report Generator & *QICLOOK reports Schedule custom reports to perform checking and notification: a report that checks inventory and sends an email to the planner with a list of item's with low inventory levels, a report of sales orders that were due to ship that day but did not, a report of items that have been in inspection more than x number of days, etc.

    • Spooler Maintenance Keep spoolers clean by scheduling *SPOOL command files to erase spoolers or delete older or unwanted jobs on a nightly basis.

    Contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6997 about automating your jobstreams.