Provide 24/7 Customer Service Via the Web

Would you like your customers and sales staff to be able to place orders and monitor account status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? PowerShift web programs use the Internet to do just that, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing your bottom line.

PowerShift web applications enable your customers to get product and account information any time day or night. Your customers, sales agents, and sales managers sign in to PowerShift via a web browser. Once signed in, they can check pricing and availability, enter and submit sales quotes and orders, view current order status, track orders and shipments, review invoices, and see payment information. See how it works!

From the web, your customers and outside sales team can:

Access to web functions is controlled by user. Multiple web users can be set up for each customer with access to their unique set of data and with all or a subset of web functions available. For example, a customer might have multiple web users that can view the status of current orders, but only one that can submit orders.

In less time than it takes to call you -- and without expending your employees’ valuable time -- your customers can answer the most common customer service questions:

PowerShift web programs use live, real time online data; there is no batching of data or data delay with any transaction. Web transactions are secured with modern encryption techniques. No secondary database or is synchronizaton required!

In keeping with PowerShift’s hallmark of flexibility, system parameters enable you to customize the interface and easily make changes as required. We’re excited about PowerShift’s e-business features and we’d love an opportunity to show you. Contact the Qantel Helpdesk or call us at 630.300.6997 to schedule a demo.